20 Items Every Uber Driver Should Have In The Car

There are 20 Uber items that you should have if you are driving on a Rideshare platform. Keeping your vehicle clean and being prepared for mishaps is important. I have found that by having these tools in my vehicle at all times keep me with a higher rating than most Uber drivers. In addition to great ratings I get larger and more frequent tips. This brings me to my next point of maximizing Uber income. The digital tools mentioned in this video help increase Uber referral money as well as save on taxes.

  1. Black and Decker Flex Hand Vac

  2. GoPro Hero Session

  3. Lint Roller

  4. Cellphone Clip Holder For Car

  5. LED Flashlight

  6. Rain-X Windshield Cleaner

  7. Febreze Air Freshner or Natural Oils

  8. Car Charger with Outlet/USB Ports

  9. Personal Cell Phone Charger

  10. Auxiliary Input Cable Cords

  11. Vomit Bags

  12. Car Blade Squeegee

  13. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  14. Pen and Index Cards

  15. Water Bottle Filled with Soap

  16. Latex Hand Saver Gloves

  17. Terry Cloth Towels

  18. WAZE Navigation App

  19. MileIQ App

  20. Personal Uber Website

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Honorable Mention

Oversized Windproof Umbrella

An easy way to make a customer happy is to provide them temporary shelter in the rain with your Oversized Windproof Umbrella. Escorting an Uber rider to your car in the rain is a very easy way to get a 5 star rating.

Uber car care is one of the essential things every driver must be aware of every day. After all, this is your business on wheels. Carrying these essential tools in your vehicle will allow you to protect it as well as maintain high ratings from passengers.

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