2018 Ford F150 Can the UAW get it’s workers new Pickup Trucks?

2018 Ford F150

2018 Ford F150
2018 Ford F150
Ford workers have been working to make the 2018 Ford F150 trucks a success year after year but why hasn’t Ford Motor Company ever given a new Ford F150 to it’s members as a token of their appreciation for all their hard work? Well we’re asking William Ford Jr. and the CEO this time to do what’s right for the UAW membership (Give Back), and let them share in the success of being able to finally get the popular 2018 F150 Pickup by giving each worker a free vehicle voucher for either a new Pickup of their choice or the car of their choice. Please share this video. I also want to know what you think so please comment below!

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2018 Ford F150

This is not asking a lot of the company since it’s been evaluated to be worth well over 29.2 Billion Dollars. Some say if people don’t like the deal they get they should quit. I’ve even been sent hateful messages about my new video but I’m simply looking out for YOU the worker. Our UAW does nothing for us, they make deals that suit them only. Now with the Right to Work laws starting, the power is actually placed back into the worker’s hands and not the Union. If they can’t get you what you want, then simply Opt out of paying Union Dues. The UAW membership program is only a legal ponzi scheme in my opinion, and with that I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Please leave your comments below.

2018 Ford F150 – Giving Back

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