What’s inside a Boosted Board?

Boosted Board

This Boosted Board is has been the best. Sure, there are boards that are smaller, or cheaper, or both. Others offer more range than 6–8 miles. But those other boards come with big tradeoffs in size or ease of use. In that light, it’s almost a good thing that electric skateboards are stuck at or above the $1,000 price point, because no company has totally nailed the top-to-bottom experience quite yet.

Boosted Board Electric Skateboard

Get this Boosted board on Amazon for $1,499.00 here: http://amzn.to/2ks71ND

Boosted Board Dual+ Electric Skateboard

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I always check reviews on YouTube before I make my final purchase decisions on Amazon. I love buying from Amazon because I know I get my items very quick!