Northern Rust Guys Two Idiots vs a Harbor Freight Welder 👍

Harbor Freight Welder

Two idiots called the Northern Rust guys on YouTube attempt to weld for the very first time, so they visit the store and buy an 80 amp Harbor Freight Welder from Chicago Electric. It goes surprisingly well considering both guys don’t know anything about welding. They know two basic things which is good for them. They know they need a mask to protect their eyes from the light, and they also know that they need to ground out the item they’re welding. They did a great job in my opinion for Two idiots and a Harbor Freight Welder.

Check out this Harbor Freight Welder

Chicago Electric Welding Systems 90 Amp Flux Wire Welder:
Flux Core Welding Wire:
Welding Helmets:
Welding Gloves:
Welding Flame Retardant Jackets:

Smarter Tools 120-Volt 100 Amp AC Stick Welder
Lincoln Electric 120-Volt / 55-Amp Stick Welder K2964-1
MIG 130 Welder Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welding Machine w/ Free
SPEEDWAY 75-Amp Single Phase Arc Welder
Goplus MIG 130 Welder AC Flux Core Wire Automatic Feed Welder Welding

Harbor Freight Welder

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